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About Aedes-Actiz Kenniscentrum Wonen-Zorg

From 2002 till 2018 Aedes-Actiz Kenniscentrum Wonen-Zorg (KCWZ) was the Dutch knowledge centre for housing, care and welfare. 

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Aedes-Actiz Kenniscentrum Wonen-Zorg and its partners

Being part of the Aedes association of housing corporations and the ActiZ organisation of care providers, the Aedes-Actiz Kenniscentrum Wonen-Zorg is the expertise centre for those wishing to know more about housing, care and welfare. Affiliated knowledge partners include Vereniging RIBW Alliantie, Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland (VGN) and GGZ Nederland. See below for information on these partners.

Kenniscentrum Wonen-Zorg supports care organisations and housing corporations in the development of new concepts combining housing and care through its website, social media, newsletter, theme meetings, networking, research, excursions and member services. The combination of housing and welfare and care services is relevant to various target groups including senior citizens, the disabled, Dutch Mental Healthcare Association (GGZ) clients and the homeless. Other trade organisations for providers in the field can affiliate themselves with Aedes-Actiz Kenniscentrum Wonen-Zorg with regard to technical aspects. At this time, the knowledge partners include Vereniging RIBW Alliantie and VGN.

ActiZ care providers

ActiZ is a sector organisation with over 400 members, which are providers in care, welfare, prevention and other related service sectors. Every year, these care providers offer a broad-based and diverse range of care services to about two million clients. These packages include nursing homes, residential care homes, home care and youth healthcare (early childhood healthcare centres) services. ActiZ supports its members and plays a facilitating role in their work by developing policy, representation of interest, providing information and a platform for knowledge exchange. Additionally, in its role as an employers' organisation, ActiZ sees to it that the sector has a good collective labour agreement. It is a member of Royal Association MKB Nederland.

Aedes housing corporations

Aedes is the national organisation promoting the interests of practically every social housing organisation in the Netherlands, on all possible fronts. Together, Aedes members manage 2.4 million dwellings, constituting 40 percent of the total housing stock. As a network organisation, knowledge centre and think tank, Aedes provides a platform for its 299 members (modern real estate businesses and service providers) to meet, exchange ideas and develop visions. Aedes works together with its members on living/care arrangements for the elderly and groups with special needs, such as mentally or physically disabled and asylum seekers. Aedes also supports the housing organisations in city development plans by entering into collaborative relationships with other organisations.

Dutch Social Housing in a Nutshell. Examples of social innovation for people and communities (Aedes, April 2016)

Vereniging RIBW Alliantie

The 24 regional institutions belonging to Vereniging RIBW Alliantie offer professional guidance and support to people with serious and long-term mental and/or psychosocial problems. They provide customised care within the context of sheltered housing solutions or via ambulatory support. Together with their clients, the various RIBW branches focus on creating the right conditions for participation in society. To achieve this goal, the clients must develop skills, maintain relationships and be respected by others as individuals in their own right. By working together on strategy, the RIBW branches are able to continue improving and standardising the quality of their services.


Vereniging Gehandicaptenzorg Nederland (VGN) is the trade organisation for the providers of care and other related services to the disabled. VGN's mission is the proactive representation of the collective interests of its 173 members. The disabled care sector employs 127,000 people who provide services to about 100,000 clients. VGN is dedicated to achieving favourable terms and actively promoting interests in the area of funding, legislation and regulations, employers' issues and the substance of the care services.

GGZ Nederland

GGZ Nederland (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care) is the sector organisation of specialist mental health and addiction care providers in the Netherlands. The aim of GGZ Nederland and its member organisations is to ensure the availability of high quality, accessible, affordable and sustainable mental health care. Our more than 100 member organisations deliver a wide variety of valuable services to the public, ranging from mental health promotion, prevention and primary mental health care to assisted independent living, sheltered housing, ambulatory specialist mental health care, clinical psychiatric and forensic institutional care.

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